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Capital of the Araucanía region, is located 675 km south of Santiago, on the banks of the river Cautín, surrounded by the hills Ñielol and ConunHuenu, having as background the Llaima volcano.

This city was founded on february 24, 1881 by Manuel Recabarren. Currently Temuco is an important administrative, commercial, academic and cultural center with 280,500 people’s, placing Temuco among the most important cities of the country.

Temuco is only one hour of varied resorts like Pucón, Villarrica, Licán Ray, Puerto Saavedra and ski resorts such as those located on the volcano Llaima and Villarrica. Besides being just 90 minutes from spas.

Our Hotel is located 100 meters from the Municipal Market, where tourists can find a wide variety of handicrafts. Among the techniques used include silverware, ceramics, straw and wool.

In the Mapuche crafts highlights the silver used in the garb of women, trapelacucha the Trarilonco are Mapuche silver jewelry tradition.

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